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Guitar/Bass Repair

Mingus Fine

All repairs are done on a first come, first serve basis. The average wait time is 2-3 days. It may require more (or less) time depending on the project. A basic set-up/adjustment starts at $55 and can often be more depending on the work involved. We recommend consulting our tech if your instrument has sustained major damage.

Due to the high volume of instruments in queue at any given time, rush orders are an option for those time sensitive fixes. Rush fees are provided on a case by case basis and are $50. Rush fees are added to the total cost of the repair. Repairs are guaranteed for 30 days and only cover issues directly related to the work performed.


Amp and Electronics Repair

Ryan Sniegowski

All repairs are done on a first come, first serve basis. The average wait time is 2 to 4 weeks. It may require more (or less) time. Due to the high volume of gear in queue we offer rush orders. The Rush fee for all electronic gear is $50. The Rush fee does not guarantee repair time, merely an item’s place in queue. This is in part due to the part ordering process. Often times our repair tech is at the mercy of part distributors and their time table.It is not uncommon for major brands to have a 3-6 week back-order on parts.
Electronic repairs have a minimum bench fee of $65. This is due to the time it takes our tech to disassemble and troubleshoot. Once the item is determined to be reparable, that cost will go towards the overall cost of the repair. All repair costs are determined on a case-by-case basis as some parts cost more than others. Repairs estimated to cost more than $85 will first be cleared with the customers. For more information, please contact Ryan at 303-443-8448 or e-mail him at [email protected].